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            About Us

            ChonTech, Inc., originally founded in Connecticut, USA, in 2000, is a technology based company that embraces R&D, production, and sales. ChonTechs head-office is located in Suzhou China with a state-of-the-art R&D facility. We provide fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals intermediates, and APIs to serve the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical, and agrochemical industries.

            ChonTech is staffed with well-trained and experienced chemists from B.S. to PhD, including a number of American and European returnees. Our R&D center is located in a 4,000 m2 two floor building with full quality control (NMR HPLC, GC, K-F) laboratories to provide sub-gram to multi-kilo gram products. Our newly built manufacturing facility in Lianyungang occupied 40000 m2 lands with 23 reactor vessels ranging from 100L to 5000L to offer products from multi-kilograms to multi-metric tons.

            ChonTech offers over 3000 products, including various chiral building blocks, acetophenones, azetidines, benzoylacetate & benzoylacetonitriles, boronic acids, indanones, indoles, purines, pyridines, pyrimidines, multi-heterocyclic compounds, tetrahydropyran series, and etc. We deliver high-quality products on a timely basis with competitive price.

            ChonTech provides major services: process improvement, contract research, customer synthesis, toll manufacture.

            Our philosophy:

            • Technology innovation creates customers needs.
            • People-first ensures our liability.
            • Environment focusing provides long-lasting collaborations.
            Contact Us
            Suzhou ChonTech BioPharma Co., Ltd.
            Add: 3rd floor, Zhanhua Building, No 8 Panyang Rd, Wujiang, 215200, China
            Zip: 215200
            Tel: 86-512-6310 1022
            Fax: 86-512-6310 1035
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